Gill Richmond Takeover FAQ

Who is Challenge Manufacturing?

Challenge Manufacturing is a global supplier of large structural components for the automotive industry. Challenge operates on three simple principles; People, Improvement, and Customer. People come first at Challenge and we pride ourselves on our approximately 3,000 highly-skilled team members at 10 locations around the United States. Our Team Members help us uphold our mission and enable us to have an employee-owned culture that facilitates our success.


Will there be a job for me at Challenge Richmond?

Challenge plans to retain a large majority of the Richmond workforce. To populate your information into the talent management system, we will ask you to fill out an online application. The process to apply will be provided to you in a separate communication. We will ask each employee to apply for your relevant position at Challenge, and the Challenge Talent Acquisition Team will work with you to ensure you are able to resume work as soon as possible.


How do I apply for a job at Challenge?

Links to the job applications will be sent to your mobile phone number and email address on file in ADP. (Salaried Team Members will be required to submit their resume as part of the application process.)


When can I come back to work?

Challenge will send a links to applications via text message and will assign your start date based on the company’s needs and customers’ return to work schedules. We are currently targeting start dates of May 4 and May 11 as the initial ramp up into full production.


What will happen to my unemployment benefits?

Once hired by Challenge, you will continue your “layoff status” until your designated start date. You will be able to join Challenge’s benefits plan while on layoff status, provided you meet eligibility (see question below regarding Benefits to learn more about eligibility).


Will I have to complete a drug screening or background check?

Yes. You can begin work immediately, but as part of the Challenge recruiting process, your employment is contingent upon successful completion and results of a drug and background screen.


Will my role and responsibilities change?

The Challenge Talent Acquisition Team will work with you to ensure your new role at Challenge will align as much as possible with your previous role , even if it has a different job title. If your responsibilities do change, our Training Team at Challenge will ensure you are properly prepared to perform your duties moving forward.


What will happen to my department or project?

Each project will be evaluated as we work to integrate the Richmond operations into Challenge. However, you will likely not experience a significant change during the initial phase of the transition.


Will my pay change (base compensation, bonus, commission, etc.)?

We anticipate very few changes, and the Challenge Human Resources Team will work with you to align as much as possible with your pay prior to Challenge’s ownership of the facility.


How often will I be paid at Challenge?

Hourly Team Members are paid weekly for the work performed through the previous Sunday. Salaried Team Members are paid bi-weekly for work performed through the previous Sunday


How will my benefits be impacted (health, 401k, etc.)?

If you have been employed at Gill for more than 60 days, your health and welfare benefits with Challenge will begin on your date of hire. You will receive a “Guide to 2020 Benefits” as part of onboarding, and a series of benefit enrollment sessions will be scheduled during your first week to review the material with you. After reviewing the material, you will need to complete the benefit enrollment event in ADP within 30 days of hire to make your benefit selections. If you have been employed at Gill for less than 60 days, your health benefits will begin on the first of the month after 60 days from your Gill date of hire.

401k contributions will be available on October 1. After that time, Challenge will match 100% of your first 3% of contributions, and 50% of the next 2% of contributions. All contributions are fully vested as part of a Safe Harbor plan.


How does Challenge handle PTO/Vacation/Sick Pay?

Challenge considers all PTO/Vacation/Sick Pay as PTO. You can learn more about how PTO is accrued in the Challenge Team Member Handbook.


Will my Gill PTO/Vacation/Sick Pay be carried over?

No. The PTO available to use with Gill will not carry over to Challenge. However, you will begin immediately accruing PTO upon your Challenge start date and Challenge will honor your Gill seniority date for purposes of the PTO schedule and renewal date. As part of this transition, you will be able to use as much as 40 hours of unaccrued PTO upon your start date.


What is ESOP and when do I qualify?

The ESOP is a long-term retirement plan that is provided by Challenge. Eligible team members receive a percentage of their annual compensation in shares of stock. The stock is valued annually by an independent financial advisor, and the value is based on company performance and future potential – something that we can all impact with our daily performance.


What will the new organizational structure look like?

The organizational structure will be very similar to your previous structure. The Richmond Plant Manager will report into a Challenge Director of Operations. Additional dotted line reporting will be determined as we transition.


Will I report to a new manager or department?

Initially, no. The organization structure will continue to evolve as we transition.


What is the culture of Challenge and will it be a good fit for me?

Challenge is an employee-owned company, which allows our Team Members to share in the value earned by the company. This translates into a culture of principles based on people, improvement and our customers.


How are employees measured and rewarded at Challenge Manufacturing?

Challenge encourages Team Members to provide daily feedback and coaching for behavior that supports our goals. Team Members also take part in an annual review to measure their personal performance. As part of the ESOP program, the company performance is also evaluated on an annual basis, and determines the company contribution to each eligible Team Member.